Falke Trail Series Race 03: Knorhoek Wine Estate

falke trail series knorhoek wine estate 03

Falke Trail Series Race 03: Knorhoek Wine Estate

Spring is here, warmer days are approaching and what better way to celebrate this energy of renewal than at the Falke Spring Trail Run.


Malikah and Wafiq joined me at the 11km event at the Knorhoek Wine Estate as we celebrated the change of season – it’s always better to suffer with friends 🙂


falke trail series knorhoek wine estate 08

Not entirely sure what’s happening to Wafiq’s face…lol


I’ve now come to expect some really great routes on the Falke Trail Series and this one was a beaut. My only gripe was that we started almost immediately on single track which caused bottlenecking in the beginning. Both a blessing in that you start slow, but at the same time it’s frustrating when you get caught behind slower runners with no way to pass.


This (coupled with some impatience on my part) was to be my undoing for the day.


After chilling at the back for a while, I decided it was a good idea to start passing people on the shoulder of the trail because I wasn’t keen on getting stuck behind another runner. I’ll be honest, I was being a bit of a trail douche and I got my comeuppance when I darted out from behind a runner only to be smacked in the face by a low hanging branch – major fail!!!


> You mean she wasn’t tiring and bending over to catch her breath?

> No, I was just an idiot and almost lost an eye


falke trail series knorhoek wine estate 02

A bloody mess


This facepalm moment happened at kilometre number 2. I ran the rest of the race looking like a POW fresh from the enemy camp. Wafiq and Malikah caught up and then had a proper go at me – good friends ridicule you when you’re down 🙂


The route was stunning with interesting twists and turns that had me running flat out instead of taking pictures. Sometimes you just have to let the trail take you and get completely absorbed in it.


falke trail series knorhoek wine estate 03


falke trail series knorhoek wine estate 01


falke trail series knorhoek wine estate 04


We linked up with the shorter course as it turned onto one of the kloofs and ran along the side of it high up in the trees until descending to the final set of switchbacks (complete with mud obstacle) before a dash across the finish. The best part was finishing the race to the chirps of the most awesome-mest MC in the game – Carel Bezuidenhoud. I’m seriously considering hiring him for a family function just for those one-liners 🙂


falke trail series knorhoek wine estate 05

That is a fake sad face! A minute ago she was mocking me…lol



The next race hosted by Falke is the Klapmuts Cup. It should be a good one.


falke trail series knorhoek wine estate 06

Team LTC just looking yskoud


Have you run in the Falke Trail Series or at Knorhoek Wine Estate? Share your experience in the comments section below.


– Peace


  • Mareldia

    October 5, 2016 at 6:43 pm Reply

    Mali will not be Mali if she do not poke fun at you! I do have to note, your injury looked worse in person than the pic. This trail looks awesome and sounds like a good run!

    • Fareed

      October 6, 2016 at 8:29 am Reply

      True true. Mali is a character 🙂
      The cut on my face has healed nicely and isn’t as bad as it was when you saw it. Thinking back on this race I now smaak for a mountain run 🙂

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