Introducing Leave the Couch Together

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Introducing Leave the Couch Together

You probably saw the vid go up on our Facebook page yesterday where we launched our new initiative called Leave the Couch Together. Here are some more details on what it’s all about.


The most common requests that I’ve received here at LTC are:


“Where do I go if I want to start trail running”


“I’m new to running. Is there a beginner group that I can join? Everyone just seems so fast at the other runs I’ve been to. I don’t want to keep anyone up”


“I really want to start trail running, but I’d like to run in a group for safety reasons”


So we’ve been scratching our heads to try and answer these questions and that’s when the idea for Leave the Couch Together was spawned!


It’s not just a trail run. We’ve labelled it an Adventure Run. In the spirit of Leave the Couch, the run is:

  • Aimed at beginners;
  • About getting outside and enjoying the trails, forests and mountains;
  • A pack run and no-one gets left behind, and
  • Focused on adventure in a chilled out space where you can learn and experience what trail running is all about



Each Adventure Run will be no more than 10kms, be done at an easy pace and will be scheduled to best avoid clashes with league road races and other trail events so that we can give you the opportunity to join in. There will be an online registration form to complete as well as a limited number of spaces so that we can ensure that everyone is safe and has the best experience possible.


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Although it is open to all, I would recommend that you can at least run 5km non-stop on road before considering joining. Trail running is tough – even in the beginning stages – and you don’t want to dive in too far too soon and risk injury.


More details will be coming to our Facebook page and email newsletter soon so sign up to both if you don’t want to miss out.


It’s not just a trail run. We are here to seek adventure and try something different.


All good vibes, fresh air and lots of smiles 🙂


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Are you keen to join us on Leave the Couch Together? Let me know your thoughts and any route requests in the comments section below.


– Peace







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