New Year, New Routes

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New Year, New Routes

I had 10 days off work to enjoy some vacation time, bring in the New Year and get back to work refreshed and energised for 2016.


It boiled down to that one week between Christmas and New Year’s. A few days dedicated to dusting off your corporate funk and diving into some summer fun.


Traditionally, I sleep in; follow the routine of a late starter and just go with the flow each day. Maybe some gym… maybe some beach time… whatever I feel for.


This time was different. It felt like I was being drawn to something. I was being summoned. Yes, the Mountain was calling.


new year


And I was not alone.


The Berg Koppe were out in full force. Runners, hikers, climbers and mountain bikers flocked to the mountain each day and in passing shared an appreciative nod and “Good morning!” in each other’s direction. In the space of those few days, I summited Table Mountain four times, went out on a MTB ride with Luqman (yes, I fell a few times 🙂 as well) and took whatever opportunity was on offer for adventure.


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Day’s began at 5:30am with an Early Morning Mountain Mission of between 2 to 3hrs in length. All done before breakfast and before the foot traffic on Table Mountain got too intense.


New routes were explored and I started to experience Table Mountain in a different way.


Tammy and I had only read about the India Venster route and we finally tackled it just before the close of the year. Pushing our pace up the mountain and ignoring the burning in the quads, we climbed and scrambled over boulders to summit the Mountain. But, where the heck is this venster thing?


Yes, while trying to keep our heart rate up, we rushed right past it – embarrassing!


new year 03

Early morning mountain missions


Luckily, on New Year’s Day, I returned with Taahir and he showed me where we’d missed it. That day we missioned along the Front Face route on the top of the Mountain. Taahir pointed out interesting routes with evocative names like Silverstream Ravine, Right Face – Arrow Face Traverse and Mystery B. We made plans to tackle each one over the next few months while we were spoiled with good summer weather.


new year 04

I got my India Venster shot!


new year 05

Taahir exchanging some route specifics with some experienced hikers


2016 was already looking very promising. A new year and lots of new routes to tackle.


Have you got any New Year’s Resolutions or any particular training goals for 2016? Feel free to share in the comments section below.


– Peace


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