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Adidas Solarboost Review

This is one of my favourite shoes that I’ve run in during the last year. So versatile and just ready for anything…


In so many ways, I prefer the Adidas Solarboost over the popular Ultraboost.


It doesn’t ever feel out of place on any distance run, but is also a shoe that demands that the runner put in some effort. Although it is stiffer than the Ultraboost, the shoe does flex generously to suit your stride and movement of the foot. But what a great ride. It’s a good mix of responsiveness and cushioning that makes you feel fast and still allowing even a heavy runner like me the cushion to go long.


Here are my thoughts about the Adidas Solarboost road shoe:





  • So versatile at any distance and type of workout
  • I love that this is a long distance shoe that feels so responsive
  • Adidas gets bonus points for using recycled plastics in the midfoot cage. More brands need to do this



  • The upper tends to run hot in warmer weather similar to the Ultraboost
  • The engineered mesh on the upper has a compression type feel to it and makes my feet feel claustrophobic, but this goes away as you start to run



As I said before, this is a great shoe and brings all the elements that I like in a road shoe: responsive, stiffer, energy return cushioning 🙂


I’d recommend this to all of those who already love Ultraboost… I actually think this is better than it.


– Peace


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