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Adidas Ultraboost review

You can’t do running shoe reviews without the loyal fans of the Adidas Ultraboost asking your opinion on what many refer to as the Holy Grail of long distance running shoes. The Boost midsole alone is a brand in itself! Well here it finally is… now in it’s fourth incarnation. I’ve had the pleasure of running in the shoe for an extended period of time and am finally ready to lay my opinion down.


I’m almost nervous to actually share it. I mean it’s the ULTRABOOST!!!


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Okay fine, I’ll man up. I mean I’ve spent a considerable amount of time in the shoe and have tried to do all kinds of workouts in them to gauge where the real sweet spot for the Adidas Ultraboost is. The first thing that stood out for me was that they’ve kept the core of what makes an Ultraboost an Ultraboost and that is just amazing! That classic Boost midsole sandwiched between the primeknit upper and Continental outsole – many other shoe manufacturers tend to tinker with a winning combo and take the chance of trying new tech to separate their shoe from the competition.


What’s different here is that Adidas has been ruling the roost with this Boost midsole that it’s forced all other manufacturers to take a swing at their own “revolutionary” cushioning system. It’s a mantle most would love to have. And I feel that it’s been great for those who’ve been running in the shoe for years that the core of what they know and love has stayed the same.


So after a few long runs (see Instagram pic below – yes, I suffered a lot this year lol) I decided to run the 2018 Two Oceans Ultra Marathon in the Ultraboosts. That was not the funnest experience of my life because road running just hurts. But, now I had an ultra marathon in the Ultraboosts and I knew exactly how they would hold up in a solid long effort.



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Here are my thoughts about the Adidas Ultraboost:




  • The primeknit upper is super comfortable and, if you’ve suffered from rubbing or hot-spots as a result of an upper before, you can kiss those worries goodbye
  • Really great fit around the ankle that is both snug and secure. It’s complemented by the external cage around the midfoot and the heel counter to provide a stable lockdown
  • The Boost midsole consistently delivers. ALL. THE. TIME. It’s actually freaky how the shoe just behaves exactly the same from start to finish
  • The Continental outsole is durable AF! It’s a proper high mileage shoe



  • The responsiveness of the shoe is my main gripe. It just doesn’t feel fast and I don’t feel fast in them either. It’s a proper long distance cruise machine. Built to go far and long and in comfort
  • The upper is really comfortable, but runs hot in warm weather which can lead to a lot of sweating



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It’s been a couple of days and the hurt that the @2oceansmarathon 56km laid down on me has finally passed 😂😂😂 So I can finally post something 🤣 . That race was brutal, unrelenting and deserves a massive amount of respect . To all those people that do it year in and year out… are you JUSS?!? 😂🤣😂 . Big shoutout to @dewaal.simon for helping me with my training and the switch from trail to road. You helped me finish a race that I thought was years ahead of me still . A special mention to @shanaazthephysio for her words of inspiration when I was kakking off and ready to throw in the towel on Constantia Nek. You helped me harden the fuck up and push deep into the red zone over those last 7km . It was a pretty special occasion and is really a day that I’ll look back on with a smile. Just thinking back at 4yrs ago when I struggled to run the half marathon and didn’t make my goal of 2h30. On Saturday, I ran one of my fastest half marathons, my fastest marathon and really happy with my final time of 6h29. To all those thinking that this race is beyond them – all you need to do is leave the couch 🤘😎 . 📷: @fiekzseventynine . #leavethecouch #omtom2018 #ICarryMyOwn #HalfMarathonNextYear #ChafingInTenderPlaces #BlisterSoBigItLookedLikeA6thToe

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I’m super happy that I chose the Ultraboost for my maiden Two Oceans Ultra Marathon. It’s hard to fault this shoe and I can understand why people have become loyal supporters of the Adidas Ultraboost. It’s also one of the few modern running shoes with massive lifestyle appeal and it’s not weird to rock these after a run.


However, it’s just not for me…


Yes, I know… this is akin to blasphemy.


It is a great shoe and ticks so many boxes – the major one is the fantastic cushioning system that the Boost midsole provides. However, in my personal opinion, it just is not Adidas’ best running shoe. For this you’ll have to wait a few more weeks while I wrap up that review 🙂


– Peace


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  • Hennie

    November 13, 2018 at 7:58 pm Reply

    I needed a decent pair of shoes to do a lot of walking in Europe. Bought a pair of Ultra Boost and they did really well doing a lot of walking mileage. I run in Brooks Glycerine and have been for 5 years – I wear out about 3 to 4 pairs per year. I liked the Adidas so much I thought I would try it as a substitute for the Brooks. Started running in a new pair and wrecked them withing 350km. I am 95kg and they are definitely not suited for someone of my size. Bought another pair and wear them every day to work and to walk around in – but certainly wouldn’t run in them again. Not at the rather hefty price tag – imagine replacing them at R3k a pop every 2 and a half months! That said – the Adidas is super comfortable and I’d definitely keep buying them for casual wearing.

    • Fareed

      November 13, 2018 at 8:55 pm Reply

      Hi Hennie. Thanks for the feedback! Yep, I weigh in at 87kgs myself so I’m also on the “heavier” side of the running community. So far I’ve got just about 250km on the Ultraboost and they look good for another 250km. I’m generally happy getting 500-700km on a road shoe. If I get 400km on a trail shoe I’m over the moon. It definitely gets expensive dropping R3k at a time. The Brooks Glycerine are solid work horses!

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