An Ode to Our Land

LTC gets featured in a The Lion and The Lady film that will make you want to go for a run!


A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of joining my favourite duo The Lion and The Lady out on the trails of Newlands Forest for a film project – yes, I know you want more details…all in good time 🙂


Some of the footage was used for this EPIC video that was featured on Conteu Magazine.



Yes, that was me running through the trees. Please no comments about my tiny calves – I’ve been told it’s genetic lol


An Ode to Our Land

I have seen oceans raging in full glory
I have seen arid deserts thirsting for water
I have seen winds blowing gently and gusts of fervent fury
I have seen rocky plains in the middle of their strife
I have seen the wild flowers spring up in hopeful wonder
I have seen clouds drift aimlessly across the skies
I have seen lightening flashes and roars of bold thunder
And still, there’s so much more to be seen through these old mountains’ eyes


Go visit the The Lion and The Lady and get inspired by their work. Their Instagram profile is AMAZING!!!


– Peace


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