Leave The Couch Together

leave the couch together 02

LTC Together #7 – Slopes of Devil’s Peak

We called 2016 to a close with our December edition of LTC Together with Totalsports and celebrated a year of leaving the couch with a run on the slopes of Devil’s Peak. Tammy and I had been using this exact route as a weekly time-trial in our prep for UTCT 65km. Now that the big race was over, we could share it with the runners at our LTC Together event 🙂

leave the couch together 01

Leave the Couch Together #4: The Urban Trail

The Cape Town CBD is one of my favourite running spots. There is such a lot to see in a really, really short distance. With all the sights along the way, you feel like you’ve traveled way further than you actually have. This month LTC Together #4 took to the Mother City’s streets in search of adventure with some urban exploration.