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Customised Sunglasses: SunGod Renegades Review

A few weeks ago, I connected with the team at SunGod and they gave me the opportunity to get a customized pair of their SunGod Renegades sunglasses for a review. They also claim that their shades are “adventure-proof” so they should be durable and fit an active outdoors lifestyle… which is right up my alley to verify.

SunGod is not well known here in South Africa – they produce sunglasses for adventure sports and are sold online from their base in the UK. I checked out their social media pages and the sunglasses looked legit for an outdoors lifestyle.


You’ll most likely see me running with sunglasses because my eyes are pretty sensitive. The wind and sun really irritates my eyes and it can be rough on long days in the mountains – so saying your sunglasses are adventure proof is something I will gladly verify.


I’ve been comparing the SunGod Renegades to my Ray Ban and Oakley shades that I usually run in and they stack up really well.


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SunGod Renegades are adventure ready even in leopard print – photo courtesy of Mareldia Ryklief


Here are my thoughts about the SunGod Renegades:




  • Customisable sunglasses that are both durable and look good
  • Lifetime Guarantee on all SunGod sunglasses! That’s like FOREVER 
  • Simple online ordering process
  • Option to build your custom pair with SunGod Advanced Polarised Filter lenses to eliminate harsh glare, enhance precision and improve depth of field
  • Did I mention that they are customisable and still can take a beating?



  • Not significantly cheaper than larger brands in South Africa because of our sucky exchange rate. Non-polarised version costs $65 (approx. R880) and the polarised version costs $95 (approx. R1287) – excluding shipping costs


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I love my SunGod Renegades and they’ve become my go-to pair of shades for the summer so far. I’ve included an affiliate link to them below so you can pick your pair up as well.


It looks dope and that lifetime guarantee is just Barely Noticeable!


Have you used the SunGod Renegades before? Share your experience and recommendations below.


– Peace


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