Echo Valley and a mini caving mission

echo valley 14

Echo Valley and a mini caving mission

For a self-confessed front face addict, it was time to take a mini break from Table Mountain. I usually leave the new routes to Taahir and he suggested that we go exploring at Echo Valley in Kalk Bay.


We parked at Surfers Corner in Muizenberg and started our afternoon adventure with a run along the walkway to St James before heading up to Boyes Drive (via Jacobs Ladder). At the intersection of Boyes Drive and Ponder Road you will find the start of the Echo Valley trail.


echo valley 02


Already it was quite a different vibe because we’d run past the ocean, crashing waves, fisherman and families enjoying the beach – that summer vibe just doesn’t die here.


The start of the trail climbed up some steps and then the terrain varies between sandy and rocky single track. The trail heads through Echo Valley forest, the Amphitheatre and all the way through to Silvermine. We decided to go as far as the ridge and then head back without descending into Silvermine – we’ll leave that for another day


echo valley 12


echo valley 08


echo valley 07

The Amphitheatre


echo valley 03


It was more of an exploration mission than a straight-out run. If you are willing to go slightly off trail, there are some magical views and rock formations to check out. I ended up scoping some spots for a possible overnight excursion – this microadventure bug is gnawing at me 🙂


echo valley 09


echo valley 10

I’m sure we can sleep in this hole


echo valley 15


We were on a bit of a time limit since I’d promised Aanikah a dinner date and I didn’t want to end up in the dog box. But, we were sure that there was time for a quick detour past the caves just off the trail.


This was my first time cave hunting in the area and I was just blown away by how fun it was. We started at the Boomslang Cave and then scrambled about till we got to the Lower Aladdin Cave. So much to see and definitely worth a revisit.


echo valley 14


echo valley 04


echo valley 05


We got so caught up in trying to find the quickest route to the caves that we kind of lost the path back 🙂 So we ended up bushwhacking to the main Echo Valley trail and then quickly ran back to the car before sunset.


echo valley 06

No we are not lost…I’m sure the path is over there 🙂



Aanikah wasn’t impressed when I rocked up at the time she’d planned to leave. I took one of the fastest showers possible and then did my best to distract her with tales of cave exploration and showing off our cool photos.


I think that just made it worse 🙂


Have you been exploring around the Echo Valley area? Share your experience in the comments section below.


– Peace

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