Fairview Dryland Traverse – Day 2

drylands traverse 16

Fairview Dryland Traverse – Day 2

This was new territory for me. A third day in a row on the trails with some pretty tired legs facing 22kms of fast paced running through the Klein Karoo.


My quads felt dead. Very, very dead.


The previous day’s running was rough, but (on the bright side) the worst was over and the weather was clearing nicely. Gathering at the start, in the Rust en Vrede Waterfall Parking Area, you couldn’t help overhearing all the war stories from the previous day.


drylands traverse 12


No sooner had we leapt from the start, after a short climb, we were winding our way along old quad bike trails and out onto jeep track towards the Raubenheimer Dam. The Dam itself was gorgeous and in no time we were approaching the first water station.


drylands traverse 13


drylands traverse 14

The Raubenheimer Dam


drylands traverse 08

Jumping for joy (Photo courtesy of www.oakpics.com)


The pace was much faster than the previous two days and we were notching up the kilometres quite quickly on the flats.


From Water Station 1

A kilometre long climb followed the first water station – our first test of the day.


drylands traverse 15

A little bit of teamwork goes a long way on the hills


After dancing along a rocky descent we entered the secluded farming community of De Kombuys. The majority of the route through this section was on dirt farm roads passing ostrich, cows and sheep farms – just your average day out in the Klein Karoo.


drylands traverse 16


drylands traverse 17


drylands traverse 01


drylands traverse 02


There was very little shade and you felt it as the temperature started to rise. A steep climb affectionately known as “The Swearing Hill” leads you out of De Kombuys. At the top of this hill you’ll find Race Director Bernard Le Roux welcoming each participant to unleash their true feelings in a once-off swear-fest 🙂


drylands traverse 03

The Swearing Hill


drylands traverse 04

Bernard and I are still cool after I shouted some harsh words at him…lol


Another 2kms of undulating running was left to reach water station 2 just outside the Cango Caves.


From Water Station 2

By now the heat was on as the temperature had risen significantly. Some much needed cooling off at water station 2 was a godsend. It got my vote for best aid station of the weekend purely because of the sliced watermelon on offer – yummy!


drylands traverse 05

Ys koud


drylands traverse 06


From here it was the familiar 7km trail which we had followed back to De Hoek during the Prologue. During those last few kilometres on tired legs, there was a tremendous gees building among the runners with each one sharing an encouraging word in passing on the way to the finish at De Hoek.



Some much needed recovery was in order with a few Steri Stumpies, a refreshing dip in the pool and a nap before the 80s party that evening.


drylands traverse 07

Nap time


Tired legs from three days of running seemed all forgotten by the time the DJ dropped the Village People’s Y.M.C.A.


drylands traverse 10

Photo courtesy of www.oakpics.com


Let it be said that trail runners know how to party!


drylands traverse 11

Photo courtesy of www.zooncronje.com


Have you taken part in the Fairview Dryland Traverse and lived to tell your tale? Feel free to share your comments below.


– Peace


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