Hi-Tec Canis 3-in-1 Jacket Review

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Hi-Tec Canis 3-in-1 Jacket Review

Hi-Tec sent me their Canis 3-in-1 jacket to help beat the cold and wet this winter while we were out on our mountain adventures. We put it to the test to see if it was up to the challenge.


The first thing I noticed when unboxing the jacket was just how good it looked. This caught me by surprise – traditionally Hi-Tec isn’t known for ticking that aesthetic box, but things have changed for sure.


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I’ve been testing the jacket for the last few months to see how good the combination of the waterproof (5000mm) and windproof outer shell works with the fleece lining. Not only did I grab it for mountain missions, but also on my commutes to work and back – it just looked that good that I could wear it everywhere.


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The Canis is designed for colder weather, but the fleece inner can be removed if things aren’t as chilly. It’s adjustable in almost all areas so you can dial in the fit to suit you. Plus, the hood can be stowed in the collar until needed.


Here are my thoughts on the Hi-Tec Canis 3-in-1 jacket:


What worked

  • The looks! They ticked the fashion box on this one. It’s definitely got that outdoors appeal with it’s military green and black colours, but it was versatile enough for me to pull on whenever the weather looked chilly, for the work commute or even just to be worn casually


hi-tec canis 03

That LTC attempt at a fashion shoot – lol


  • The price is fantastic. There is no other jacket from local or international brands that can match the value you get at R1,899. The closest competitor has a R1,000 price differential


What needs work

  • Although it looks good, there are some fashion elements that aren’t that practical in the mountains. Specifically, the oversized hood. This is a current trend across all 3-in-1 jackets on the market. Massive hoods that look cool have become standard issue, but unless you adjust or tie them down by their toggles, a gust of wind will remove it from your head – not ideal in the rain


hi-tec canis 04

The hood needs to be adjusted if you want to keep it locked down in high winds


  • This next one is more of personal preference… I didn’t prefer the extra length on the jacket. I know, I know, the longer length is better in the rain, and when you are wearing a backpack etc. I just prefer jackets that cut at the hips. I would lose a couple of inches. Ignore this point if you feel it irrelevant


The verdict

Functionally I can’t fault the Canis. It ticks all the boxes and does so while looking good.


hi-tec canis 06


I’ve worn it in rain, high winds, in the mountain and around town. There isn’t anything that can beat the value factor and as a result it bosses the 3-in-1 jacket category.


Definitely, worth grabbing if you are in the market for some cold weather gear.


If I’ve left out anything in particular that you think is a critical feature/experience that you’ve had with the Hi-Tec Canis jacket, please feel free to comment below.


– Peace



Hi-Tec goes cool, but warm, but cool







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