Hi-Tec Flash Hike Boot Review

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Hi-Tec Flash Hike Boot Review

I’m a big fan of the classic leather hiking boot. Something about them triggers recollections of summer camping with my folks in the Cederberg. A leather hiking boot just oozes with outdoorsiness – if that’s an actual word. The Hi-Tec V-Lite Flash Hike gave me that same feeling the first time I unboxed them. The next step was to see how they handled the mountains.


hi-tec flash hike 02


Hi-Tec is known for its classic leather look and is usually the first hiking boot South Africans own. This new boot has been designed for those longer walks and is filled with technologies which transfer nicely to the tougher more technical hikes.


Super soft insoles, waterproof Dri-Tec membrane, Vibram outsole, supported by a padded collar and gusseted tongue all wrapped in a quality Pittards leather upper. It’s got the pedigree to deliver comfortable walks, yet has enough in the tank for you to tackle multi-day treks confidently.


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The first thing you notice when putting on the boots are how AMAZING the Ortholite insoles are – soft and plush like walking on a cushion and that feeling hasn’t disappeared over the weeks of testing.


Here are my thoughts about the Hi-Tec V-Lite Flash Hike:


What worked

  • Seriously comfortable walking shoe – see clouds comparison earlier 🙂
  • The Vibram RollinGait System noticeably helps with energy return and aids in overall comfort by encouraging a natural flow as you walk


hi-tec flash hike5 0


  • Waterproofing works splendidly as I found out when I slipped and landed in a pool of water *facepalm*


hi-tec flash hike 08

Waterproof testing and a bruised ego lol


What needs work

  • Although the boot is light, I’ve found the boots to be chunky and lacking in a certain nimbleness that other competitors have introduced. It can handle anything from technical to wet. However, I felt that the reduced proprioception had me feeling at times like a bull in a china shop
  • In a very competitive hiking boot market, there are similar priced offerings from Adidas and Salomon which I would substitute this boot for at the R2,799 price tag. Granted, those are not made from high quality leather instead opting for synthetic materials, so they may not last as long. However, they offer a sportier feel and as a result many would opt for them


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The verdict

The V-Lite Flash Hike is super comfortable and, after long days in the mountains, my feet still felt fresh.


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If you are looking specifically for a leather boot then this is a great option. However, the price point on the boot lets it down and its easily substituted for synthetic options as it doesn’t separate itself enough to warrant a premium.


The choice ultimately rests with the buyer’s preferences. But it’s a tough one.


If I’ve left out anything in particular that you think is a critical feature/experience that you’ve had with the Hi-Tec V-Lite Flash Hike boot, please feel free to comment below.


– Peace



Classic and very comfortable hiker








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