High5 Nutrition Review

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High5 Nutrition Review

The team at High5 Sports Nutrition sent me their Marathon Nutrition Race Pack to test. It contained a mixture of gels, bars, meal replacements and hydration tabs that allowed me to get a good feel for their product offering and share my experience with you.


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The Marathon Race Pack


High5 is massive in the UK and joined IRONMAN South Africa as their nutrition partner until 2019. It means that if you’re going to be partaking in any of the local IRONMAN events, you will be seeing lots more from this brand. Africa’s cycling golden boys, Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka, also currently use the full range of High5 products. Brand recognition locally has been growing and products have started popping up in Dischem as well as being available via the High5 online store.


Their website is littered with tons of information on how to use their products. Made from all natural ingredients and performance tested by athletes all over the world, I was really excited to see how it would work for me.


Look, everyone has their own opinions of sports nutrition and whether it’s necessary or not. I just don’t smaak to pack a stack of sandwiches (or a steak) in my pack on a long run and generally opt for a combination of bars and drinks. That is what currently works for me.


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Decent tasting bar


I tested the products across my recent training runs and races on road and trail. However I didn’t go full marathon and test them all back-to-back as indicated in the brochure. Instead I used the race pack to see how each item performed and then combined a few when I was more comfortable. All products include carbohydrates as fuel (except the Zero product), so banters beware lol


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Running and gunning


Here are my thoughts about High5 Nutrition and their Marathon Nutrition Race Pack:


What worked

  • The Marathon Race Pack is a great spread of products for you to test and get a feel for the High5 brand
  • Flavours were great across all items (i.e. gels, bars, meal replacements and nutrition tabs)


high5 nutrition 01

That little green plus sign tells me this is not unleaded 🙂


  • NO UPSET STOMACH!!! This is a first for me and gels. I normally suffer with cramps and bloating. With High5 I could down a few gels back-to-back while running intensely and didn’t have any issue


high5 nutrition 07

Very, very mild residue in bladder after use. But a quick rinse and it was all gone


What needs work

  • They are not easily available to test individual products. Unlike GU, you can walk into your local sports shop and just buy a few sachets for under R100. With High 5, you would either need to invest in one of their trial packs or just commit to buying a month’s supply via the website (which can be pricey). So there is always the risk of overcommitting to a product that you don’t like – I suggest one of the trial packs first
  • The sachets are huge! Make sure that you have a gel baggie with on your runs as they are big. They actually sell some on their site here and here


high5 nutrition 06

Size matters


The verdict

I like it.


A lot.


High5 will definitely grow to becoming a household name and I think that getting a few of the trial packs to test their products is the best option to check if it works for you.


high5 nutrition 08

The caffeine boosts were not too hectic and felt like it was evenly released


Obviously, people will have different experiences with the products and you most definitely do not want to try something new on race day.


But, ja. I like it a lot a lot 🙂 And that handheld was pretty cool too!


Have you used High5 Nutrition before? Feel free to share your experience below.


– Peace


Check out the High5 online store and follow them on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)


  • Phillip Gibb

    June 29, 2016 at 2:54 pm Reply

    A tad bit too high in sugar for me, although from experience I know for a fact that unless I am dawdling down a hill my heart rate is in a zone where I need carbs and therefore sugar. So I try find stuff where the sugars are 10% or less in proportion to the carbs. Otherwise the Zero is a nifty idea, but then – personally – I would rather have my salts and everything in the same drink least I have too may different options and get confused, lol.

    • Fareed

      June 29, 2016 at 3:07 pm Reply

      I’ve had a koesister before a Lion’s Head run and actually did a PB 🙂 But, I hear you and I still need to find my sugar intake sweet-spot.

      Too many products and options can get confusing. When I first got the trial pack the Zero was the first product I gravitated towards as well. It worked nicely, but you would still need to think about your energy needs on a longer run. Combined with a couple of gels, I had a really good 3hr training session on Table Mountain

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