Huge fun at the Two Oceans 10km Trail Run

Huge fun at the Two Oceans 10km Trail Run

Huge fun at the Two Oceans 10km Trail Run

As a result of some serious FOMO, I decided to sign up to the Two Oceans 10km Trail Run event. Yes, I had my Half Marathon entry for the 2015 edition of the Two Oceans Marathon, but now that one race was transformed into a weekend of awesome fun with the Trail Bokkies!

It’s really tough not to get caught up in the excitement around the Two Oceans weekend. If you are looking to get involved in more than one race, then I definitely suggest that you sign up for the 10km Trail Run which is held on Good Friday.




Even though it was only a 10km trail event, I still had to get used to the effects that running two consecutive days would have on my body. In the weeks preceding the races, I went out a couple of times to do just that and mixed it up with one day on road followed by another on the trail, and then reversing the order the following weekend.


Nutrition and recovery was also something I was keen on getting right. The only way you can do this is to experiment and find what works for you. So on those training runs, I tried combinations of gels, chews and bars and was lucky enough to find my preference – you can’t ignore this step if you want to enjoy the weekend


So when the race came around, I was pretty comfortable and set the goal of having boat loads of fun 🙂


two oceans 10km trail run 01

Laying the race kit out the night before


Going Bos


The Trail Bokkies met up on the Jameson Steps at UCT on the morning of the race. In the past, we missed many a lecture honing our klawerjas skills and working on our tans on these very steps, but this time we were here to race!


two oceans trail run 01

Getting our stretch on


After some last minute loo breaks, light stretching and final kit checks we were ushered into the start chutes.


two oceans 10km trail run 01

I knew this buff would come in handy


two oceans 10km trail run 03

The view from the start


two oceans 10km trail run 04

And they’re off!


The start of the race took us down a short section of tarred road before leaving UCT and heading on trail towards Rhodes Memorial on Devil’s Peak. There is some gentle uphill work here which can catch beginner trail runners out – so I advise that you definitely include hill work in your training.


two oceans 10km trail run 05

Nice warm-up hill


two oceans 10km trail run 06

Heading past Rhodes Memorial


We joined the contour trail next to Rhodes Memorial and headed towards the Plumpudding jeep track into Newlands Forest. There are some fast flat sections here so you can go a bit nuts 🙂


two oceans 10km trail run 07

Flat sections to catch your breath on


two oceans 10km trail run 08

Steep sections to feel the burn on


There was a drinks table at the Pine Forests which was manned by the brave firefighters. It was a great place to grab some coke before the toughest climb of the day up to the Woodcutters Path.


two oceans 10km trail run 09

Firefighters helping us quench our thirsts


two oceans 10km trail run 10

There’s always time for some photo fun


The Woodcutters Path is a nice tight piece of single track where you really get the sensation of speed as you hop over the rocks along the path. It can be a bit tricky for beginner runners, so I advise that you take it slow along the trickier sections to avoid twisting your ankle.


two oceans 10km trail run 11

Nutrition is critical. Make sure you bring the essentials


The rest of the run was very familiar along the winding routes through Newlands Forest – the Trail Bokkies usually include these sections on our Wednesday evening trots so we were all kidding around and trying to get in some awesome pics 🙂


two oceans 10km trail run 12

Always look epic…Always – thanks to Moegsien Ebrahim for the great pic


The winding path took us back through the Pine Forest section and popped us out at the Old Zoo where there were some wild animals marshaling the section.


two oceans 10km trail run 14

Run, there’s a leopard behind you!


two oceans 10km trail run 15

Hello Mr Elephant


A few hundred meters ahead we joined the home stretch for a sprint finish, but not without some antics before the end to wrap up a fun run out on the trails.


Something for the

Something for the ladies…lol


two oceans 10km trail run 18

That slow-mo wet run




If you are planning on doing the 10km Trail Run at the Two Oceans, I suggest you approach it more as a fun run rather than a race. It is not really a tough course and there are one or two really fast sections where you can just run wild 🙂


There are two sections of tough hill climbs, but this shouldn’t really be an issue if you have done a bit of training beforehand. Just remember to pack only the essentials as we saw lots of runners with huge backpacks and way too much water for the short duration of the race. A lighter pack will help here and avoid extra kilos up the climbs.


Like all the Two Oceans events, the gees on route is awesome with many a chirp being shared among the participants.


two oceans 10km trail run 16

So much fun!



Unlike the 10km Trail, I heard that the 22km Trail Run was quite brutal – so naturally I’ll be there next year 🙂


If you took part in the 2015 Two Oceans 10km or 22km Trail Run and had an epic moment/experience, please feel free to share it in the comments section below.


– Peace


For some more info on the routes check out the Two Oceans webpage

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