Injury Woes

Injury Woes

There I was chasing the ball down in full glory on Saturday afternoon. In my mind, all that the opposition saw was my yellow scrum-cap going past like a bolt of lightning. In reality, everyone else was just tired and kind of over the game while I was the only fool sprinting after another poor clearance.

There are times when the bounce of the rugby ball can be unkind. This was my turn to find out, as it ricocheted backwards off the surface. I tried to stop and chase after it, when suddenly I felt a sharp pain and a crunching feeling coming from my ankle.

I took a couple of breaths to compose myself while the pain subsided and continued playing for the remaining 15 minutes. By the end of the game there was some light swelling, but by the end of that evening I was in some serious pain.

On Monday morning I hobbled to the doctor’s office and was sent for some x-rays. Nothing was broken (fortunately), but the diagnosis was that I had suffered a really bad sprain (worstest sprainus) and would have to recover for the next 4-6 weeks. I was fitted with an ankle stirrup and supported by a crutch…not fun at all

My new support system

My new support system

There goes my running and squat training for the next couple of weeks.

You can't hold me down

You can’t hold me down

In the words of my buddy Tauhir, “Boo to that!”

– Fareed

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