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It’s been forever

It’s almost a strange experience to be tapping away at my keyboard again. It’s familiar, but at the same time unfamiliar. Today I just felt like saying something…


Yes, it’s been FOREVER!!!


I haven’t been blogging much (clearly), but have been trying to capture the LTC journey through Instagram and sharing some adventures on Youtube. Truthfully, it’s been pretty inconsistent.


It’s almost weird to be talking about how my year started because it’s like the end of April lol… but here I am doing my first blog post for 2018.


So far it’s been good 🙂


The first couple of months was solely focused on Bat Run. I was committed to training and even did the route a few times before the race. At the end of 2017 I had this feeling that I just wasn’t training hard enough or putting in the effort for events that I really wanted to be doing my best in. So for Bat Run 2018 I went all in and tried to get on the course to rack up the required mileage and vert to get my body ready for the onslaught. In the end I managed a sub 6hr run (5h and 54min to be exact) which has been my best ever in this race – woo hoo! I was super happy with this performance in the warm and windless (strange I know) conditions.




As soon as Bat Run was over I sought the help of Coach Si from Rooted In Dirt to help take my running to the next level. Like I said earlier, I had this feeling that I’ve been using a brute force kind of method with training and not doing things in a very smart manner. So why try and figure it out on my own when professionals exist who are experts in the topic. I enlisted the services of Coach Si to fix me as an athlete and just help me develop a healthy approach to training. I plan to work with him for the next year with my ultimate goal of a sub 5hr and 30min finish at Bat Run 2019 (in Sha Allah!) – yes, that’s my race… I’m obsessed, but I just love it


I plan to share regular updates on how training is going and take you along the journey of what it’s like to be working with a coach. It’s kind of a weird experience for me to have a coach. I don’t think of myself as some bad-ass athlete who needs one-on-one training, but I figured that I’ve been doing this running thing for a few years now and I want to see what the best version of myself would look like. It’s one year out of a lifetime and it could be something truly amazing. Already I’ve been running way faster in training, just check out my strava


Oh, I also did my first road ultra-marathon at Two Oceans this year!


56km is fucking far. It hurt. I had a major blister on my foot. I bonked. I had chafing between my ass cheeks. It was not pretty.

But I finished a race that I once thought I’d never manage in my lifetime. Big shout out to Coach Si for helping me transition from trail to road running in 4 weeks.


Sometimes I wish I could go back to the 2013 version of Fareed that started LTC and show him the crazy stuff he’s done since that first blog post


It’s been a couple of days and the hurt that the @2oceansmarathon 56km laid down on me has finally passed 😂😂😂 So I can finally post something 🤣 . That race was brutal, unrelenting and deserves a massive amount of respect . To all those people that do it year in and year out… are you JUSS?!? 😂🤣😂 . Big shoutout to @dewaal.simon for helping me with my training and the switch from trail to road. You helped me finish a race that I thought was years ahead of me still . A special mention to @shanaazthephysio for her words of inspiration when I was kakking off and ready to throw in the towel on Constantia Nek. You helped me harden the fuck up and push deep into the red zone over those last 7km . It was a pretty special occasion and is really a day that I’ll look back on with a smile. Just thinking back at 4yrs ago when I struggled to run the half marathon and didn’t make my goal of 2h30. On Saturday, I ran one of my fastest half marathons, my fastest marathon and really happy with my final time of 6h29. To all those thinking that this race is beyond them – all you need to do is leave the couch 🤘😎 . 📷: @fiekzseventynine . #leavethecouch #omtom2018 #ICarryMyOwn #HalfMarathonNextYear #ChafingInTenderPlaces #BlisterSoBigItLookedLikeA6thToe

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So for someone who hasn’t been blogging much, I clearly have a lot to say. My fingers are getting tired of typing now so I need to start wrapping this post up lol


LTC is not done.


I’ve been spending time rethinking what I want the blog and the social media channels to be about going forward. I guess it will continually evolve, but I’m trying to get my act together and regularly share the journey from couch potato to fitness. I’m still committed to this lifestyle and to show people that I’m just a normal oke doing things that frankly aren’t outside the reach of anyone.


I hope you’ve been getting out there and keeping your adventures up.


– Peace


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