It’s smoothie time with Vitality Active Rewards

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It’s smoothie time with Vitality Active Rewards

You mean I get free smoothies just for working out?


If you haven’t heard about it yet, Discovery announced an incentive-based addition to their Vitality Program during September 2015 called Vitality Active Rewards.


I hadn’t heard about it until a colleague of mine gave me a virtual slap against the head and took me through how simple it was – thanks Katie!


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Wash. Rinse. Repeat


Gone are the days of just swiping your gym card and doing a quick u-turn at the turnstiles before you head home – don’t judge me, we’ve all done it at some point 🙂


Now Discovery rewards you for sweating and getting moving on a consistent basis. Staying active has now been made into a game and there are rewards for levelling up!


It is actually in Discovery’s best interest to get people on their Vitality wellness program moving as inactivity has been linked to increased medical costs in the long run (see this white paper for more details).


Weekly smoothies, juices and coffees from Kauai and Vida e Caffé are now up for grabs. You can even boost your rewards by forming a team and having two of your mates reach their weekly goals – can someone spell “more group runs”


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Team rewards are awesome!


You can also qualify for your monthly installments on an Apple Watch to be paid if you activate the Apple Watch benefit! Do you want to pay R250 per month or do you want to pay in blood, sweat and tears?


So how many hoops will I need to jump through?

See what I did there with that fitness joke 🙂


A personalised weekly goal is calculated for you using an algorithm which takes your entire Vitality Active Rewards history into account. So, the more active you are, the tougher it will become to achieve your weekly reward. For the rest of 2015, your weekly targets will be capped at 1200 points which means that those hoops won’t necessarily morph into a ring of fire.


I’m pretty impressed so far with the Discovery app. I set up simple links with my Garmin Connect and Strava apps and it works like a charm on my iPhone. All I need to do with my Fenix 3 is train as per normal and then all my workouts are automatically loaded.


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However, there are some limitations. You can only get points for 1 activity per day. So if (like me) you sometimes run to the gym, work out and then run back home, you will only get points for the highest scoring activity on that day. It’s similar to the gym benefit where you earn Vitality points only for one session per day.


The other issue is that the more you train and exceed the weekly targets, the higher your points targets become. The algorithm actually looks at your Vitality Active Rewards history, so your new weekly goal could still increase even when you didn’t achieve your last goal. It could start to put those easy recovery weeks at risk if you’ve got a smoothie addiction or have locked yourself in for the Apple Watch benefit – Rest week? Who needs it! lol


What does 2016 hold?

A review of the points system is on the cards for 2016 and will be effective as soon as the 1st of January:

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More benefits are on the way as well with free gym memberships and discounted (even free) flights being added to the list.


What this means for points targets is yet unclear  – the Vitality Consultant I spoke to was giving me no indication about weekly limits etc. for 2016


Could this change the way we stay fit? Will people now compete on how high their targets are and not on how fast their last 10km was? Who knows…


Either way, I’m hooked. A smoothie-free lifestyle was so last year.


We run and then we get smoothies. That's why we smile

We run and then we get smoothies. That’s why we smile


Have you joined the Vitality Active Rewards program? Feel free to share your experience below.


– Peace


P.S. there is a handy FAQ document on the Vitality Active Rewards program here


P.P.S. check out my follow-up to this post here

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