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Leave the Couch Together 11: Exploring Bo Kaap with The Secret Adventurer

Henk The Secret Adventurer took the LTC Together crew out on a tour of his backyard as we discovered some amazing trails above Bo Kaap on the slopes of Signal Hill and Lions Head…


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We met up outside the Leeuwen Street Mosque in Bo Kaap and headed out. It wasn’t even a couple of blocks and we turned onto some trails which wound up behind Bo Kaap and quickly felt like we’d disappeared into a forgotten forest just above the Cape Town City Centre.


Single track galore from start to finish and then a short jog back between the flats and houses to the start. Such a privilege being guided by The Secret Adventurer through his local haunt.


Here’s a video recap of the mission:



leave the couch together 03

Just a couple of fake gangsta’s lol




– Peace


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