Leave the Couch Together #3 – Newlands Forest

leave the couch together #4 03

Leave the Couch Together #3 – Newlands Forest

A movement has begun! Each run is bigger, the gees is better and I’m so excited to see so many people leaving the couch and soaking up the outdoors. This time we explored the beautiful trails of Newlands Forest.


Sixty (yes 60!) runners woke up nice and early and joined us for Leave the Couch Together #3 on the 21st of August 2016 in Newlands Forest.


leave the couch together #4 03


We were fortunate to have Jana and Simon from Rooted in Dirt offer to lead us along a stunning course. And it did not disappoint 🙂


leave the couch together #4 02


Wide sweeping jeep track between tall pines. Fast and absorbing single track of the Woodcutters Path. A few stream crossings, really fast switchbacks and it was suddenly all over before we even knew it. Absolutely stunning!



A big THANK YOU has to go out to our nutritional sponsor Racefood for providing their delicious FarBar that kept the runners fueled and smiling all the way.


leave the couch together #4 01



See you all on the 3rd of September at Leave the Couch Together #4 where we will be doing something slightly different as we explore some Urban Trails 🙂


– Peace



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