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Leave the Couch Together #5: Constantia Nek

We were back in the wild on the 22nd of October and it was a proper mountain adventure at the Constantia Nek edition of LTC Together with Totalsports.

More than 60 runners arrived for the briefing and after some goooooood Racefood, warm-ups and stretching we headed out onto the trails. As the clouds rolled in, so too did the rain and soon we were all soaked. But, that didn’t dampen the spirits as everyone was loving the adventure and running free.


A few people have requested that we include sections from popular trail races around Cape Town in our LTC Together runs. In this edition we added the infamous steps of Rooikat Ravine which features in the Table Mountain Challenge. Let’s just say that I wasn’t very popular on the way up 🙂


But as you come over Cecilia Ridge you are rewarded with the Cecilia Waterfall which looks like something out of Jurassic Park with the massive uprooted tree lying across the way.



An excitingly steep descent down to the Contour Path followed and then the last 2kms of flat running back to the car park at Constantia Nek.


Cold, wet and tired runners with some of the biggest smiles I’ve seen at an LTC Together event had one solid adventure along the slopes of Table Mountain.


leave the couch together 02



Our next run will revisit the Urban Trail on the 20th of November. Stay tuned for updates and join us at the next Leave the Couch Together with Totalsports 🙂


Have you explored Constantia Nek and found the Cecilia Waterfall? Feel free to share your experience in the comments section below.


– Peace



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