Philippe Gatta’s motivation before The Ultimate Trail

Philippe Gatta's motivation before The Ultimate Trail

Philippe Gatta’s motivation before The Ultimate Trail

French adventurer and mountain runner, Philippe Gatta has an impressive CV of adventures and expeditions. In 2013, he attempted the high route of the Great Himalaya Trail (aka the Ultimate Trail) which covers the full distance of the Himalayan Range in Nepal. On average, trekking along the Great Himalaya Trail high route takes about 150 days with proper trekking gear and (preferably) some mountaineering experience.


His goal was to complete the high route of 1700kms in just 40 days – that’s the equivalent of running a marathon each day! My knees are paining just thinking about it 🙂


His wife (Anna) joined in support for a large chunk of the way. Unfortunately, after 1200kms he had to concede as a cyclone brought heavy snowfall making the attempt of the Ultimate Trail impossible. Amazingly, before the cyclone hit, Philippe was on track to achieving his goal.


What I found interesting was this video about his motivation before he head out on the expedition:



Now that’s what I’m talking about! I feel like going running now 😀


For more info on the journey check out these posts on the Redbull site and on Philippe’s Blog

I highly recommend checking out the full 30min video about the Ultimate Trail adventure at this link

You can check out Philippe’s blog for more of his adventures:


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