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Nanuki Healthy Chocolate Bars Review

My friend Shalane recommended the Nanuki healthy chocolate bar range as a healthier snacking option to quell my sweet craving without putting junk into my body.

The Nanuki bars are all handmade, free from allergens and packed with superfoods. I got my hands on their entire range of bars and brownie bombs and tested them during training runs and races.

I’ve been so surprised by these delicious bars from Nanuki. They’re packed with energy to fuel your runs and include a little serving of protein in them as well. But it’s like health food in disguise because all the bars are covered in thick chocolate which is deliciousactually it tastes so good that I can’t help feeling guilty after I eat them #issues

Granted these are aimed as being healthier snack alternatives rather than running nutrition. But when I looked at the nutrient and caloric composition of the bars it made sense to take them on my adventures.

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Here are my thoughts about the Nanuki Healthy Chocolate Bars:


  • Moderately delicious healthy chocolate bar
  • Packed full of superfoods and good nutrients to fuel your long runs
  • Kept me full for longer and no dramatic drop in energy levels from sugar spikes


  • Thick chocolate coating may make it susceptible to melting in your pack. This is overcome by popping them in the fridge overnight and they would be good for up to 3hrs on a run
  • I found the Caramel Quake and Metamorphic Brownie Bars (as well as the Brownie Bomb range) to be very rich and difficult to swallow without the help of water on a long run


My favourite in the Nanuki range is the Matcha Explosion bar which is coconut based and was like a big coconut cluster that just melted in your mouth.

As a healthy alternative to chocolate bars, the Nanuki range is great. They are packed with superfoods and are actually great on a long run. I recommend you give these a try.

Watch the YouTube video above to access a special discount code to get 20% off the entire Nanuki chocolate bar range.

Have you used the Nanuki Healthy Chocolate Bar range before? Share your experience and how they compare to your preferred nutrition options below.

– Peace


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