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Raidlight Responsiv Race Vest 10L review

I’m in search of a new running pack. My current one has been through the wars, but it’s taught me a lot about what I’d actually want from a pack. With Raidlight being available now in South Africa, their packs peaked my interest and I wanted to see just how well they stood up to the competition…


Xavier Briel loaned me his Raidlight Responsiv Race Vest 10L running pack for a couple of weeks after I’d begged seen him using it on a recent trip to the Cederberg. My current pack had started to tear from the years of long mountain missions and it was definitely time for a replacement.



After a couple of long runs and testing it out in different scenarios I was ready to share my thoughts about the Raidlight Responsive Race Vest 10L:




  • Fantastic fit that can be customised to your body shape
  • Super comfortable on the run with zero bouncing
  • Enough space for all your kit



  • The bottles are a headache to get back into the pack after a refill
  • Items stored in front pockets tend to pop out during a run 



I’m not sold on this pack and I think my search continues.


Ease of use, especially on the longer run, is absolutely critical to me and I definitely would be looking for something that doesn’t have me stressing about losing keys or food midway through the run. Let’s hope all the kinks get sorted in the next iteration of the pack.


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– Peace


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