Ramadaan Wrap Up

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Ramadaan Wrap Up

Last year was the first Ramadaan that I continued to train right through the fasting period and I was really happy with the fitness improvements that I felt coming out of the month. Not only was it a spiritual bootcamp, but I could go straight into a race a few days later with no worries. This year I tried to emulate the same, but it was tough.

The month started out with me joining Taahir and Bakr  on a sunset mission to Kasteelspoort. I think this hike was the highlight of my training during the month because it was just so special. Its not often that you get to break your fast on Table Mountain and then complete your prayers with Lions Head in front of you, Camps Bay to your left, the old Cableway on your right and the sound from the waterfall on Kasteelspoort behind you. Looking back it all seemed like a dream.


ramadaan training 05

Breakfast Rock will now be known as Boeka Rock


ramadaan training 03


ramadaan training 04

Making pancakes on the mountain 🙂


I managed to get into the mountains a few times and it was really good for me. Not just from a physical perspective, but I find a spiritual connection to it as well. Ramadaan is a time to reflect and reconnect on a spiritual level and the beauty of the mountains helps remind me of that.


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My toughest day was during the filming for Mowbray to Mowbray Ridge. There was a point on that single track climb up to the Blockhouse that I was sure I wasn’t going to make it to the end of the day. But, I sucked it up and did – some mind over matter there I suppose


I managed to squeeze out a Lions Head summit, a few interval sessions (post taraweeg), I joined the Rainbow Enviro Hiking Club on a walk with Taahir and even made a few sessions with Aanikah’s crazy run crew at their 4am runs – do 4am starts count as early morning or really late night runs?


ramadaan training 06

4am crazies!


ramadaan training 07

Rainbow Enviro Hiking Club on their Lions Head hike


Actually, how early do I have to run for it to actually be considered late? Lol


Yep, there are lots more people out there making a plan to keep their fitness up during Ramadaan and its inspiring.


The last week was tough as the lack of sleep and a fatigued body caught up to me so I decided to just take a week off.


But, this weekend training kicks off again. Cape Town Marathon awaits 🙂


Were you able to keep your training going during the month of Ramadaan? Share your story below.


– Peace






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