Salomon Bonatti Waterproof Jacket Review

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Salomon Bonatti Waterproof Jacket Review

The first time I laid eyes on this jacket I knew we were meant to be together… lol


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I know what you’re thinking… I look like an elite athlete in this Salomon Bonatti Jacket.


Like the brown Ryan Sandes.


Bryan Sandes?


Lol. Okay, enough jokes. Let’s get into the review.


You know that you’re dealing with high-end kit when the Salomon logo is present. But, usually it means that you’ll have to ogle it from afar until you can break open the piggy bank and splurge on that piece you’ve been dreaming about.


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When I got my hands on this jacket I thanked the good Lord and prayed for rain so that I could go running in the mountains and test it out. I actually went straight home, suited up and jumped in the shower at full blast just to see the water magically bead off it – sad I know lol


On a serious note, I’ve been loving the Salomon Bonatti Waterproof Jacket all through my testing and here are my thoughts:


What worked

  • I think the price point for this jacket is really good (FYI – R2,200) as you get 10 000mm waterproofing for the same price as 5000mm (and even less) in jackets available on the market
  • It packs down small and is a real space saver in your pack


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  • Crazy how thin, soft and flexible the AdvancedSkin material is. It is stretchy, extremely light and moves with you – perfect for running
  • The hood was the biggest surprise for me. It’s an absolute gem and the real star of the jacket. The coolest part is the elastic rim which holds the hood in place across your forehead and behind the base of your skull. Together with the peak, it is one of the best fitting and stays put even in the really strong headwinds that I come across during training runs on Devil’s Peak – all with no drawstrings as per traditional jackets


salomon bonatti 04


What needs work

  • There is a small bulge when zipping up in the middle of the jacket – not sure if this is a common occurrence, but it happens with the one I have
  • As with waterproof jackets, breathability will always be a challenge. I ended up sweating quite a bit on my arms as heat and sweat gets trapped in the jacket


salomon bonatti 06


  • Would’ve liked to see thumb loops or straps to make the sleeve openings tighter and just to dial in the fit a bit more
  • The only pocket available on the jacket is on the chest, so you will need to carry a pack if you want to bring more than a couple of bars or gels along on your run. It is aimed at being a shell over your other kit so this really depends on personal preference


The Verdict

This is a really good product and (dare I say it) really good value from Salomon for a technical piece of equipment. I’ve tossed out my wind-breaker and opted for the Bonatti during winter as we know how unpredictable Cape Town can be. Now I’ll be sorted even if the weather makes a turn for the worse.


salomon bonatti 07


It’s amazing how light and compact this jacket is while still maintaining that expected high quality from a brand like Salomon. A few subtle changes to improve the fit in certain parts like the sleeves and it would be perfect.


Funny thing is, each time I put the jacket on I get this insanely powerful urge to go running in nothing but a pair of tights for that elite Salomon trail ninja look – it must be something in the material 🙂


salomon bonatti 02


Do you or have you owned the Salomon Bonatti Jacket? Feel free to share your experiences with it in the comments below.


– Peace


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Fit for a trail ninja






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