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Salomon Sense Pro 2 review

Yes, it’s been out for a while… But the Salomon Sense Pro 2 is most definitely still worth talking about.


After a few months of training and a couple of significant races in these shoes, the Salomon Sense Pro 2 has stood out as that one shoe for all occasions. It faced the UTCT 65km and then braved the Batrun to earn its stamp as a multi-distance trainer with racing chops.



I grabbed a pair because so many people were raving about the shoe. As there are probably a few reviews already available online (because I was so late to get my feet in them), I’ll get straight into my thoughts about the Salomon Sense Pro 2:




  • IMHO, it’s the best looking trail shoe out there – you gots to look good 🙂
  • The shoe adapts well to all kinds of terrain (forests, wet, muddy, and sand), but shines bright on hard-packed and rocky trails – which is what I usually run on
  • It’s comfortable across all distances, including ultras


salomon sense pro 2 02

Kit check for UTCT 65km. I think I may have a Salomon problem 🙂



  • The mid-foot fit is not as good as the Speedcross 4 which I reviewed a few months ago. Every now and then I’d need to re-tighten it when my toes start bumping the front of the shoe on long steep descents (e.g. Platteklip Gorge)
  • On earlier runs, I felt the toebox to be shallow (albeit wide and comfortable). But, after a few runs it took the shape of my foot and combined well with the wider toebox
  • The heel kept rubbing my right side Achilles causing chafe. This was a first for me in any trail shoe, but I overcame the issue by wearing longer socks
  • The mesh areas took a beating from the fynbos and when I clipped them on sharper rocks. Hopefully, similar overlays from the XA Enduro will be added to future models of the Sense Pro 2 to solve this


salomon sense pro 2 04



I was a fan of these shoes since the first time I put them on. It was ready to rock straight from the box and was super comfortable without the need to run them in, but did get better as the weeks went by. Despite its shortcomings in the fit area, I still grab it when I’m not sure about the type of terrain I’m heading out on. Its precise and breeds confidence so that you can go fast.


At the R2700 price point, you definitely pay a premium for the Sense Pro 2. But, it is a superb shoe that can handle all types of terrain and distances. I admit it’s not perfect, but it’s 85% to 90% of the way there for me and I’ll definitely be grabbing future versions of it with the hope that it gets to 100% 🙂


salomon sense pro 2 02


Have you run in the Salomon Sense Pro 2? Please share your comments and feedback below.


– Peace


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