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Salomon Speedcross 4 Review

The iconic Salomon Speedcross gets a few tweaks in this its fourth iteration. A shoe that’s historically seen more casual wear than proper trail, I was keen to put it to the test.


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So pretty when it’s new


To be honest, I abused the Speedcross 4 during my testing. From it being submerged in streams to it being caked in mud and then bashed about off-trail in the mountains – I put it through its paces in this review purely because I’ve never really taken it seriously as a proper trail running shoe. My bias was borne out of the fact that the majority of people you see wearing them were mostly in shopping malls than at trail races.


Let me be the first to admit that I was wrong.


No matter what I threw at it… no matter how badly I treated the shoe… it just kept on coming for more.


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There’s a fine line between testing and attempted murder lol


Durable uppers that protect your feet, superb mid-foot fit, ample cushion for a comfortable ride and then some sick grip that literally will tear up the trail even in the muddiest terrain. It’s got serious chops!


Here are my thoughts about the Salomon Speedcross 4:



What worked

  • I loved the fit. The way the Quicklace and Sensifit systems complement each other is phenomenal. It locks down your foot and never needs adjusting even on longer runs
  • The uppers can take a beating and simply need a wipe down to be as good as new even after harsh days on the trails
  • Grip for days!!! The new lug pattern has improved the grippy-ness and it just claws its way into loose and muddy terrain. The lugs are also super durable and show little signs of wear



What needs work

  • As with most Salomon shoes, sizing can be a problem as they tend to be narrower and may need you to go a half size up (or in some cases a full size) to get the right fit. Even still, many have complained about their narrow footbeds, so make sure you have tried on as many options and are comfortable before making your purchase
  • Although the grip is next level, I found the Speedcross 4 didn’t really shine on rockier terrain such as the front face of Table Mountain and I had a couple of slips on wet rocks during my test runs. The grip is superb on loose and muddy sections, so if you are considering the Speedcross 4 make sure it fits the terrain you normally run on


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Aggressive lugs provide mass traction


The verdict

I’ve been pounding the Salomon Speedcross 4 for weeks and each time it just comes back for more. A great testament to the Salomon brand and there is no question why it remains a staple on their product line.


It may not be that one shoe for all types of terrain. It may also not be to everyone’s taste if you prefer lower drops and less material in the uppers. But for the style of mountain runs I’ve been doing lately, which includes some off-trail exploration, this shoe has been a welcomed addition to my rotation.


It seems that the next generation of trail shoes are set to appear above the R 2,000 price point which is going to be tough on everyone’s pockets. But for R 2,299 it really is a fantastic shoe that doesn’t disappoint. So if you are looking for durable foot protection with insane grip then check out the Speedcross 4.


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If I’ve left out anything in particular that you think is a critical feature/experience that you’ve had with the Salomon Speedcross 4, please feel free to comment below.


– Peace


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Insane grip and secure fit







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