Sharing the Rocklands with the Lion & the Lady

Sharing the Rocklands with the Lion & the Lady

The Cederberg is truly a magical place. The night sky is bright with millions of tiny lights to count and trace. Dawn reveals a landscape that is rugged and expansive. It’s a giant’s playground on reddish earth. And we got to roam free.


It was camping FOR REALS.


No, not the “I’m taking my AMC pots, DSTV Walka, MP3 player” kinda camping. This time it was full on digital detox, tent living and everything made on the fire. Okay, we had one concession and that was warm water showers and toilets – but it was communal and that was the extent of the luxury 🙂




We joined our favourites, Marilet and Leon (from The Lion & The Lady) on a long weekend getaway to escape the city, try some bouldering and get completely immersed in nature. But, getting away for the long weekend proved to be trickier than we thought on that Friday after work. Late afternoon meetings, last minute shopping and then there was the realisation that we may not have had enough nappies. So instead of the three nights, we joined Marilet and Leon a day later and arrived on Saturday stress-free. Also, it was a good idea to skip the hordes fighting through Friday evening traffic.


My jaw dropped on the drive in. The Rocklands area is nuts! I’ve heard someone describe it as, “what happens when giants play Jenga”, but this was insane. All those rock formations, some balancing in really strange positions, others shaped like dragons (or whatever my imagination could cook up). As soon as I climbed out of the car at De Pakhuys, I said Hi and Bye to Marilet and Leon and was off on a scramble straight for the peak in front of me. Granted it wasn’t that high – maybe just over half the height of Lions Head. But I just chose a direction and headed for it.






Sometimes you can make out a faint path. But most of the time you kind of just look at the lie of the land and follow the contours. A scramble up a rock or a shimmy between two others when the path ends. A skip off of a loose rock, a hop over a crack and finally I made it to the top.


It was wild. And I’d only been there for about 20 minutes.


The rest of the weekend was filled with camp fire, good conversation, bouldering, exploring, waterfalls, running, hiking and planning even more trips.








I even snuck in a short run one morning on the Kloof Walking Trail at De Pakhuys:



I’ve never seen Rahma enjoy herself so much. She was climbing rocks, putting flowers in her hair, playing in the dirt and making friends with a local dog by feeding him all her Mini Cheddars. I suppose that I wasn’t doing much different either.






The highlight of my weekend…the apple pie and custard Marilet made on the braai – from scratch. Yes, NEXT LEVEL BRAAI-AGE!!!


Oh, and I bought enough rooibos tea in Clanwilliam to last me till 2019!


Have you spent time in the Cederberg or at De Pakhuys before? Feel free to share your experience below.


– Peace


Follow my friends Leon and Marilet here and on their social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vimeo) and get inspired by their amazing work.


After this post, all the other photos I’ve taken look completely kak 🙂



  • Taahir Abader

    August 6, 2016 at 6:30 am Reply

    Makes me want to join the next trip!

    • Fareed

      August 8, 2016 at 9:20 am Reply

      Dude, you must come through! The outdoors life will suit you well

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