Summer Lovin’ (wakka chikka wakka chikka)

Summer Lovin’ (wakka chikka wakka chikka)

Summer Lovin’ (wakka chikka wakka chikka)

Okay, I admit that is a misleading title. Summer Lovin’ actually refers to the awesome summer vacation that I just had. No indecent love stories here, unfortunately. I usually save all my inappropriate comments for when I’m around my mother in-law – because it’s really funny to see her blush 🙂

Whether it was after those final assemblies at school, the final exam at varsity or when I finally drove out of the office parking lot – the start of my summer vacations were almost always to the tune of Thin Lizzy’s “The Boys Are Back In Town playing loudly in my head.



This summer was no different.


It did start later than usual, since I had to finish up some stuff at work. But all that meant was that each day would have to be more epic so that I could squeeze all my plans in.


This year’s December task was to increase the training load and get to the beach as much as possible. The former being a new addition as the latter had been my primary objective since the first time the lads and I hit the Clifton shores in our matric year…ahh memories 🙂


The Training Missions

With some more time available to train, we snuck in some morning trail sessions. Aanikah and I took turns tackling Lion’s Head with Danyaal. It was the first time I “ran” up Lion’s Head – FYI it was the slowest jog known to man


Shakirah and Ya'eesh after conquering Lion's Head

Shakirah and Ya’eesh after conquering Lion’s Head


After the final 200m scramble up the chains and rocks along the route, the summit greets you with a relieving welcome. Those morning views are truly spectacular and I completely understand why so many tourists flock to the mountain.


Danyaal in the distance on a misty Lion's Head ascent

Danyaal in the distance on a misty Lion’s Head ascent


Danyaal also led regular runs in Newlands Forest along the Contour Path to Kirstenbosch Gardens and back along the road. A nice combination of trail and road running mixed with some quad-busting climbs.


The Contour Path climbs

The Contour Path climbs


Running the Boomslang!

Running the Boomslang!


We joined my cousins Shakirah and Ya’eesh on an adventure in Tokai Forest one Sunday morning. This was our first time to the forest on a trail run mission. We followed the Elephant’s Eye trail for about 3.5kms before turning back and heading down. Time caught up with us, but next time we are definitely heading for the Elephant’s Eye Cave. More on this in another more detailed post.


The climb up the Elephant's Eye trail was rough

The climb up the Elephant’s Eye trail was rough


Awesome views in Tokai Forest

Awesome views in Tokai Forest


The usual gym sessions with Wafiq were manic! Every now and then Wafiq threw in a 100-rep challenge (where we choose an exercise and performed 100-reps drop-set style on the heaviest weight we could possibly move) – painful, but massive muscle pumps ensued. I still don’t know I usually manage to function at work after these early morning workouts – the vacation sessions just seemed brutal and an afternoon nap was a must.


Regular trail runs, hardcore gym sessions and some quality family time. If only vacation could last forever and we could train and do random adventures like this all the time.


Since I’m getting into the habit of making lists recently, here are…


The Summer Lovin’ lessons learned:

  1. There will be weddings – accept it and get your workout in early
  2. Lion’s Head is always pumping – the earlier you head up for training runs, the better
  3. Playing soccer at the family picnic always leads to injuries – 3 years in a row now for me…my poor toes got klapped!
  4. The pool at the gym seems to be full all day – be prepared to split lanes or just be patient
  5. It’s almost impossible to eat clean during the 24th Dec to the 1st January period (good bye abs) – my mission for next year is to change this
  6. Going to the beach between 10am and 2pm is just asking to be burnt to a crisp – I forgot about this rule and got reminded, thankfully I took cover under the beach umbrella I brought along
  7. If you didn’t play touch rugby on the beach this summer then your vacation sucked! Truth


Touch Rugby on Clifton 2nd

Touch Rugby on Clifton 2nd


Things didn’t go as planned as far as the amount of beach days went – Cape Town didn’t have as many vest days (so hot all you can wear are vests / tank tops). But, we still went whenever we could.


My ladies at the beach

My ladies at the beach


The training load increased initially, but slowed in the last week due to injuries. Like an excited kid I went a bit nuts on the downhill at Tokai Forest and sprained my left ankle. A couple of days later, I bruised my right foot during a beach touch rugby game (don’t ask – embarrassing!).


But, the break was still awesome and last Sunday before I went back to work was torturously depressing.


I woke up Monday all amped up and ready to roll though. With my bruised foot, I hobbled in the gym and got right back into it.


2015 is definitely going to be EPIC!


What did you get up to during your summer vacation, feel free to share below.


– Peace

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