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It’s been forever

It’s almost a strange experience to be tapping away at my keyboard again. It’s familiar, but at the same time unfamiliar. Today I just felt like saying something…


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Batrun Therapy

There’s something about running in the mountains at night. It’s definitely not the most obvious place I would’ve guessed my trail running obsession progression would take me, but here I am strapping on a headlamp and getting ready to chase that bouncing spot of light up Devil’s Peak, Table Mountain and Lion’s Head. It’s just me and about 100 other nutters getting ready to spend our Saturday evening getting smashed in the face by gale force winds, ignoring cramp and the pain of those long climbs, all while trying to stuff enough jelly babies in our mouths to make it all seem okay… Yep, it’s Batrun 2017 time!

The Bat Run 2015: A tale of two endings

The Batrun 2015: A tale of two endings

With each step, the descent of Platteklip Gorge became trickier and trickier. I knew it was steep going up, but facing the route at 11:20pm with rain and mist affecting visibility and footing – it all seemed way more treacherous.