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batrun 05

Batrun Therapy

There’s something about running in the mountains at night. It’s definitely not the most obvious place I would’ve guessed my trail running obsession progression would take me, but here I am strapping on a headlamp and getting ready to chase that bouncing spot of light up Devil’s Peak, Table Mountain and Lion’s Head. It’s just me and about 100 other nutters getting ready to spend our Saturday evening getting smashed in the face by gale force winds, ignoring cramp and the pain of those long climbs, all while trying to stuff enough jelly babies in our mouths to make it all seem okay… Yep, it’s Batrun 2017 time!

crocodile cage diving 01

An adrenaline rush in the Drakenstein

A weekend away is sometimes just what you need to come back to normal life refreshed and relaxed. When that weekend away involves Crocodile Cage Diving, I’m not so sure the ‘relaxed’ part applies 🙂

falke trail series warwick wine estate 05

Falke Trail Series Race 02: Warwick Wine Estate

Race 2 in the Falke Trail Series was held at the Warwick Wine Estate last weekend. Aanikah was ill during the final days of Ramadaan so it was with a heavy heart that she gave up joining me at the race instead to recover fully. On the bright side, Tammy is back from injury and she joined me for the 15km race. We are officially back and training towards UTCT at the end of this year.

Cell C Day of Races and LTC

There’s a new race in town and LTC has teamed up with the Cell C Day of Races to give away 2 entries per month for the Cape Town event to lucky newsletter subscribers!

platteklip charity challenge 04

2016 Platteklip Charity Challenge

“During the course of the day, you will reach a dark place. It will be painful and you will ask yourself why you are doing this. It’s at that point that you need to remember that the pain you are feeling is nothing compared to the struggle that the kids who benefit from the SAEP go through daily” – AJ Calitz

cape trail clinic 07

TRAIL Magazine Cape Trail Clinic

The Trail Gods smiled down on me and I was lucky to score a seat at TRAIL Magazine’s Cape Trail Clinic. Two days of total trail immersion with local trail legends and fellow trail addicts sharing knowledge and a passion for mountains.