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ultimate direction anton krupicka mountain vest 3.0 05

Ultimate Direction AK Mountain Vest 3.0 Review

As with most pieces of trail running kit, finding the right pack for your mountain adventures is an exercise in trial and error – a potentially expensive one. But once you find that one piece that just works on all levels you can actually hear the choir break out into a chorus of hallelujah 🙂


This is what happened for me with the Ultimate Direction Anton Krupicka Mountain Vest 3.0

salomon speedcross 4 06

Salomon Speedcross 4 Review

The iconic Salomon Speedcross gets a few tweaks in this its fourth iteration. A shoe that’s historically seen more casual wear than proper trail, I was keen to put it to the test.

bodytec review 02

Bodytec Review: The future of strength training?

20 minutes of training once a week is the tag line Bodytec swears by. I joined a 6-week trial period at their Foreshore HQ with a healthy dose of skepticism. Truthfully, I had zero expectation, but I figured 6 weeks was enough time to really give it a proper go.

hi-tec flash hike 02

Hi-Tec Flash Hike Boot Review

I’m a big fan of the classic leather hiking boot. Something about them triggers recollections of summer camping with my folks in the Cederberg. A leather hiking boot just oozes with outdoorsiness – if that’s an actual word. The Hi-Tec V-Lite Flash Hike gave me that same feeling the first time I unboxed them. The next step was to see how they handled the mountains.

spot gen 3 03

SPOT Gen 3: Safety beyond Cell Reception

The SPOT Gen 3 has been designed for those who regularly venture into the wilderness, beyond cell phone reception and for extended periods of time. I’ve been planning some remote trips for myself and was keen to see how the device is applied outdoors.

ultraspire lumen 600 08

Ultraspire Lumen 600 review

Waist-mounted running lights are a novel idea. The lower mounted lamp (compared to traditional headlamps) light up the area similar to what professional photographers use on shoots, translating to better visibility of obstacles as well as improved vision of the contours and subtleties by creating shadows – i.e. it is directly applicable to technical single track.

I checked out the Ultraspire Lumen 600 to see how it performs on the road and trail.


versus socks 01

Versus Socks Review

Versus has quickly become South Africa’s favourite pair of cycling socks – our local hero. I actually don’t know any cyclist who doesn’t own a pair. The Bananas sock has been spotted all around the country and is a staple at every single gathering of cyclists: from races to coffee runs. I got my hands on a few pairs and checked them out.

apple watch 04

Why I sold my Apple Watch

I’m not really an early adopter, but in December I picked up the Apple Watch for “free” by activating the Discovery Vitality Apple Watch Benefit on their Active Rewards program. A couple of months later I sold it. Here is why…