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Sharing the Rocklands with the Lion & the Lady

The Cederberg is truly a magical place. The night sky is bright with millions of tiny lights to count and trace. Dawn reveals a landscape that is rugged and expansive. It’s a giant’s playground on reddish earth. And we got to roam free.

ramadaan training 04

Ramadaan Wrap Up

Last year was the first Ramadaan that I continued to train right through the fasting period and I was really happy with the fitness improvements that I felt coming out of the month. Not only was it a spiritual bootcamp, but I could go straight into a race a few days later with no worries. This year I tried to emulate the same, but it was tough.


echo valley 14

Echo Valley and a mini caving mission

For a self-confessed front face addict, it was time to take a mini break from Table Mountain. I usually leave the new routes to Taahir and he suggested that we go exploring at Echo Valley in Kalk Bay.

knife edge 11

All Along the Knife Edge

When I first heard about the Knife Edge, the name alone is what got me. I became completely obsessed and devoured all information about the route that I could find. I searched online, asked questions on social media – I even went to the library on a research mission. So when Taahir and I finally set off to find it, I’d seen so many photos and read so much about the route that I had a pretty good idea about what was coming around each bend. Usually this means that the experience will probably be a let down since I’d hyped it up in my mind too much. This time, however, it was so much more than I would’ve imagined!


winter essentials 07

Gearing up for winter

My morning workouts now almost always start before the sun is out. Summer is officially gone and we’re deep into autumn with that winter chill not far behind. The training never stops, but the right kit will keep you going no matter what the weather gods may bring.

tapiriik 05

All your running data in one place

I luvs my spreadsheetz and have been known to analyse my runs and training from time to time. Changing my GPS trackers over the years has made it hard to get all my data in one place…until now 🙂

earthing 14

Getting Earthed

Eight hours in the mountains, licking rocks, drinking from streams and swimming in dams – that was one helluva LSD…

Real Mountain Safety

I’m upset. I’ve been deeply disturbed by the recent criminal events on our mountains and trails and I feel that it’s time to talk Real Mountain Safety – because there are far more dangerous things than snakes out on the trails.


three firs tranquility cracks 13

Discovering Three Firs and Tranquility Cracks

After about 4.5kms of running along the Pipe Track we came to a sudden stop. Taahir pointed to the cairn on the rock ledge next to us and said, “Welcome to Three Firs”. After a few hops up the rock steps, he motioned towards Tammy and me to join him. No signs, random paths and what looked like a bit of scrambling ahead. Where the heck were we heading…?