Tailwind Nutrition Review

Tailwind Nutrition Review

Just add water and go run. That is all.


Tailwind Nutrition is relatively new in South Africa, having launched here in 2014. I personally hadn’t heard of it before until I met the Tailwind team at Ultra Trail Cape Town and they handed me a big bag of the product to try out.


tailwind 01

Some great flavours as well as a Naked (unflavoured) version


What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is an endurance drink mix designed for racing ultras. Originally borne out of the need to create a complete energy, electrolyte and hydration mix for the Leadville 100, this race fuel is quick to mix and easy on your stomach.


Over the last year, I’ve been experimenting with Gels, Chews, Gums, Bars and Energy drinks to find what would hit my nutritional sweet-spot. So far, what I’ve come to find is that gels and chews tend to leave me feeling uneasy and with an upset stomach after a race.


I’ve been finding more success with bars and actual food (fruit, sandwiches etc.), but Grant from Tailwind handed me a bag and insisted that I give their product a try.


So I did.


tailwind 02

Individual sticks are great to keep in your hydration pack


The verdict

I used Tailwind exclusively for the first three days of the Dryland Traverse with the final day switching back to bars and whatever drinks were at the water stations.


The product is quite flexible and you can mix it up as you like. I chose to go with 1 litre for every 2 hours that I was going to be out there (which equated to approx. 300 calories) and then I would just run and sip as I went along.


The powder mixes very easily with water and doesn’t leave any residue behind in your hydration pack. You can safely mix up a batch the night before and it is safe to pre-mix up to 3 days before use.


So I missioned on for those three days, running almost exclusively on Tailwind except for the odd date ball here and there – Trail Runners and date balls go together like PB&J


All Tailwind, all day and… it works!


I am now a major Tailwind fan. The taste was great and I never felt anywhere close to bonking. Plus, zero stomach issues the entire time – even on the tough days.


There were times when I wanted something solid to eat, but it was not because of hunger and more out of a psychological need to feel like I ate something – especially on Day 2 when I was out there for close to 5 hrs


On the final day, I did go back to bars and the usual aid station provided supplements and the stomach issues returned.


So, that’s it. Go buy some Tailwind and go run/swim/bike/climb/whatever. It kicks ass and you will too 🙂


tailwind 03


Have you tried Tailwind Nutrition before? Feel free to share your experience below.


– Peace


Order from the Tailwind Nutrition website here. Delivery is free in Cape Town

Tailwind Nutrition Facebook page


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