The Boyes Drive Sunday Run

The Boyes Drive Sunday Run

After a fun Winter Trail Series, I felt like a change of scenery (and terrain) was needed.

It’s definitely a good thing to mix it up every now and then, so Aanikah and I decided to join our Comrades duo of Adenaan and Ridah on one of their Sunday runs. The lads have been doing some big mileage in their build up to the Cape Town Marathon, so they were nice enough to take it easy on us 🙂


We met up at the Lakeside Centre and were joined by Riyad, Laymie and Adenaan’s bro Rafeeq (aka the brown Ben Affleck).


boyes drive 02

Everyone looking very cold at the start


Heading out

After some quick stretches, we headed along the Main Road at a nice easy pace to warm up. We’d made the decision to start running with the wind blowing towards us. This was a strategic move since Boyes Drive was tough enough thanks to all the hills. So coming back on the loop we would have the wind at our backs.


boyes drive 01

Warming Up


Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been spoiled by the soft impact that running trails has had on my body. Whenever I get back on the road I tend to feel it a lot more in my knees and hips. I started this run dreading the pounding my body would be taking along the road. I knew I was going to feel it later.


But, surprisingly I didn’t notice the drudge as the surrounds were so beautiful that I quickly got distracted – goldfish style


The stunning coastline views and beautiful homes along Main Road made for some easy miles and great chatter among the crew.


boyes drive 15


We took a quick stop off at the colourful beach houses on St James Beach for a drinks break from the water fountain. Then it was onward to Kalk Bay where we took the turn up Clairvaux Road for the climb towards Boyes Drive.


boyes drive 03

A quick sip of water at St. James


boyes drive 04


boyes drive 05


boyes drive 06


Boyes Drive, baby!

That first climb is a real test.


I remember recalling Dan’s voice in my head saying, “On the climbs I just drop it into 3rd gear and (like a bakkie) we head up that hill.”


Yep, I just dropped my head and powered (slowly) up the hill to Lock Road and finally we were up on Boyes Drive.


boyes drive 07

The Lock Road climb – short, but intense


There is a mountain stream a couple hundred metres down the way, where you can catch a refreshing sip of water. Now with the Ocean on our right and the mountains on our left we had the return section of our loop to tackle.


boyes drive 09


boyes drive 10

A quick drink supplied by nature 🙂


boyes drive 08


You can almost split Boyes Drive into a couple of sections, punctuated by some big climbs. But with each climb, there follows a descent which gives your legs some time to catch up.


boyes drive 11


boyes drive 12

You gotta keep those legs pumping up them hills


Our earlier plan worked perfectly and with the wind at our backs I couldn’t help having that smug feeling when we passed runners heading in the opposite direction – oh the fools 🙂


I found myself staring longingly at the mountains to our left as we ran. I made some mental notes of the hiking trails we passed as I’m sure we will be back to trek through.


boyes drive 17


Don’t forget to stop by the shark spotters hut on Boyes Drive and say “Hi”


boyes drive 14



It was basically all downhill from there as we made our way along the long sweeping road back. We joined at Main Road and were back at the Lakeside Centre.



As is apparently customary on any Adenaan and Ridah run, we shared some banter, coffees and doughnuts which left us all smiling and most likely in a caloric surplus thanks to the post-run munchies.


No photo evidence was taken of course 🙂


boyes drive 13


If you’ve run Boyes Drive before (or you just feel like giving a shout out), feel free to share in the comments section below.


– Peace

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