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Two Oceans Ultra 2019 Recap – Why did I even try?

Injured and under-trained. Why did I even try the 56km *facepalm*


I sprained my ankle pretty badly on the 21st March while testing the Altra Lone Peak 4.0. My plans for the 2019 Two Oceans Ultra race should’ve been dead and buried.


But then I got the brilliant idea:


What if I just use this as a long training run to get my injured-piece-of-shit ass back to fitness again. Yes, I have a dodgy ankle, but if I strap it and bail at 28km then I’ll be fine. I’ve got nothing to prove…


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Kak man… FOMO and stupidity can be a dangerous combination. Here’s what went down this Two Oceans weekend:




I deserve to be sick now lol.


My immune system is shot, but on the positive side, my legs aren’t sore, I didn’t cramp and I HAVE A TWO OCEANS MEDAL!


Okay, I’m done being stupid. No more of this YOLO shit and doing races that I’m not trained for. It seems that I’ve finally been cured of the idea of doing long distance road events. It’s back to trail for me.


But first, I gotta fix this ankle and get fit again.


P.S. If you can accurately guess what the battery life was at the end of the race on my COROS Apex watch you stand the chance of winning a R1000 gift voucher to spend at Enter by responding to my competition post on Instagram. Entries close on the 26th April and the winner will be announced by the 29th April.


– Peace


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